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Life has a way of taking a person through so many storms, and then back again to a feeling of near euphoria. Little wonder that some people feel that they’re experiencing whiplash due to the cards life deals them.

In truth, we all have a hand to play. We may not always know what cards the other person is sitting with, but we always have to play to the best of our ability. Play to win. Whether your hand is better than the next person or not, how you deal with life will depend on your inner strength.

As a person who frequents the gym quite a bit, I will liken it to having your core strengthened. Never underestimate the power of working on your core.


The stronger your core is, the more steadfast you’ll stand.


For some people, getting a trainer is a good solution to getting stronger. In life, this can be a mentor, teacher, guide, spiritual leader, or these days a good app. Provided of course, that your choice in the former is healthy ones, you should be able to reach goals and move through life with confidence, no matter what cards you’re dealt.

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Facing life can sometimes be like the story of the elephant that was tied to a huge stump as a calf. The older it gets, the smaller the stum becomes, until they can be held in place by tying them to a small pole. They have the power to free themselves, but they are still remembering their struggle against the large stump as a little calf. Their minds would not let them reevaluate their circumstances.


Our lesson in that is to always learn. The challenge that broke you as a child could be child’s play right now. Yes, a play on words. However, it is so true. So many people remain tied to a problem that is so easy to overcome. It may be a problem that seemed larger than life at the time, but as you grow your core, your ability to withstand previous challenges have surpassed even your own estimation.


Be strong. Work your core. Play your hand with confidence, knowing that this too will pass. Your lessons today will be the core that you use to move from strength to strength.